Feb 12, 2010

PROVO tourists for Juliana

Provo was an "anarchistic" movement which lasted only a couple of years and within the boundaries of the Netherlands and Belgium. The street Happenings and provoking the police were their main tactics. The police showed no tolerance and attacked in every chance, most of their happenings were ending into riots.
So lets take a look at a small paragraph from the book Provo, Amsterdam's anarchist revolt.
"Yet another section of Amsterdam bureaucracy sough to profit from the international interest in the Provos. The VVV, the Dutch national tourist office, published a brochure entitled See the Provos, which was distributed in local hotels. Interested tourists were driven to Enkhuizen, a picturesque 17th-century port an hour north from Amsterdam, where for a fee they were provoked by goverment-sanctioned "Provos"."

Good old squatters

Amsterdam squatting movement

Underground Athens: Eksrchia

A small video from eksarchia. Just to give you an idea.

Feb 9, 2010

who want's to join me?

http://www.nietnormaal.nl/ it is an exebition on Not Normal in amsterdam

the owners of art

I found this poster on the web. what do u think?


Feb 8, 2010

the truth about amsterdam

oh the cliches!



they also have a blog for it:

Feb 7, 2010

Alice (my possible inspiration)


and here is a link for alice in the wonderland trailler!

(go to the end of the page)

and can u picture it on 3D??


Feb 6, 2010


guys, to relive the blog, here is a video for tourism in switzerland that I'm going to use in my research.


I think it is amazing how they sell that it can be really fake, but as a good thing!
oh, tourists... :P