Dec 5, 2009


now the editorial page with everybody on it. Panos, had to cut a little of your text... it was the longest... ;] oh! and do you like the pictures? I took them from your profiles on facebook but if you want another one send me

Profile Panagiotis Kovanis

Panagiotis Kovanis (GR)
was born in Bios Bar, which was in Eksarchia (Athens) at the time and is now in Gazi (Athens). He was
a key member of the Greek graphic art group Synthesis, and designed many of their most underground single and album covers. Latterly, he runs a design studio called ChaosStudios - a loose group of freaks.

To quote Kovanis, “I like photography because it is a reality medium, unlike drawing which is unreal. I like to mess with reality…to bend reality. Some of my works beg the question of is it real or not?”.

profile Marijke

Marijke Nota is a 21 years old dreamer who loves details, human behavior and unexpected beauty. This is why she loves city's. Just taking a stroll in a city can give so much inspiration. The street tells fairytales.

Dec 4, 2009

first pages

my profile

Juliana Azevedo was born in a big big city 28 years ago and cannot understand people living on the countryside. she likes it so much that she decided to become an architect and urbanist to be always connected with her environment. lacking on skills (and the big patience needed) to become a real architect and realizing her real passion was actually for graphics, drawings and photographs she is now a graphic designer. as you may guess, the city is always the subject to her pieces.


I've made the layout for the studios page. I just have to overcome my shyness and ring those bells on monday. hope I get some courage this weekend. :)


the city is not just a corridor between two places you have to get to: we live in cities.

what do we know about the cities we live in? have you ever looked down, up, sideways, backwards or just ever wondered who works on that street? you see bikes, of course. lots of them. but to whom do they belong? what if you climb down that lader?
have you ever really looked to where you pass by everyday? wich one is your route?

our route is to go around the city and look at it. we are not going to present the latest trendy place or the new restaurant but we are looking inside windows and discoverying people. we are looking at the floor and discoverying grafittis. we are slowly walking, wondering, stralling and looking.

for this first issue the three of us, Marijke, Juliana and Panagiotis went from HKU IBB to HKU music conservatorium and found what is there between the same school. here we show you what we found. each of us looked at different aspects. some dreamed, some researched but it's all there and now there's some here.


it's not about the final destination. it's about the journey.




guys, I changed the header for the image of the logo. is it going to be the logo?
well, feel free to comment and change it, if you want to too...

do you like it a bit?

to do list

-index (done by ju)
-editorial/presention of ourselfs (done by ju)
-lost ring story
-dots on the pages
-celebrate our first issue!!

marijke trying to make a logo ;D

just to make jou happy

logo proposition by me

this is a simple one, but I like because it's bold and clean and it can work with many different covers.
the round serif on 'r' I made with a dot, the one I think we should use on the index and on the pages to show the way.

me = ju


ha, marijke! I was faster! hihihi

Dec 3, 2009

Dec 2, 2009

the opening for the deads

this will be a two spreads story

is that you(r) bike?

for this spread I made-up some stories as if the bikes were persons. here are the texts on the page (I haven't really checked the spelling/grammar part, so if you see anything wrong, please tell me :] ):

-everybody here?
-no, not yet... you know how she is always late.
-yes, I know, and I hate it, damn!
-let’s just hang out for a while and figure where we are doing tonight
-what do you feel like doing?
-I’m fine, I’d just chill, y’a know?
-oh no. let’s go somewhere, we are all here outside already
-I know there’s a new movie opening tonight...
-and what about dinner?
-... and dancing!!! yes, I totally feel like dancing!!!
-the concert is already sold out....
-let’s, then to...
-there! she arrived!


I know the spring is gone. I know it. But I cannot let it go... It’s too hard for me, you know? I’m going to take as many flowers as I can and... and... yes, of course they will live through winter. YES, I know what I will do: I’ll put them on my freezer and defrost them on january and have
flowers on the snow. you see, I have a plan, don’t worry.


sorry, ik spreek geen nederlands


oh dear, what a nice lovely day. I’m so happy we are back together. oh, sweety I missed you so much... you are so pretty...


give me the grossery list I’ll go to the supermarket and get everything for tonight. Is your brother comming too or just your mother? you take care of little john and I’ll be back in a sec.


yeah, really. we are definetly going opposite directions. I dont think this is
going to work anymore...


the cute little house on the line

for this page Im going to write a short shortstory

Dec 1, 2009

the 4th article

This is about mrs Candace Quinn and her husband. Their house caught fire and it just a matter of luck that they managed to leave the house. No relation to ladders until the point where she is telling about her brother.

Layout 5b

Layout 5

new look

guys, I had to do something about the blog layout, that default title was awful

the beggining of my route


I'm enjoying this magazine. when I'm back to my regular self (aka after some sleep) I'll keep doing more spreads. also something for the cover.

identity crises continues...

the magazine could be name FOUND too... what about?