Dec 4, 2009


the city is not just a corridor between two places you have to get to: we live in cities.

what do we know about the cities we live in? have you ever looked down, up, sideways, backwards or just ever wondered who works on that street? you see bikes, of course. lots of them. but to whom do they belong? what if you climb down that lader?
have you ever really looked to where you pass by everyday? wich one is your route?

our route is to go around the city and look at it. we are not going to present the latest trendy place or the new restaurant but we are looking inside windows and discoverying people. we are looking at the floor and discoverying grafittis. we are slowly walking, wondering, stralling and looking.

for this first issue the three of us, Marijke, Juliana and Panagiotis went from HKU IBB to HKU music conservatorium and found what is there between the same school. here we show you what we found. each of us looked at different aspects. some dreamed, some researched but it's all there and now there's some here.


it's not about the final destination. it's about the journey.



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